No-cost, no-catch rapid web prototyping for no-coders to get real feedback real fast.

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Trap Kit is a low-code toolkit of components, layouts, and templates to build working prototypes in the browser with the human-friendliest tech stack around: Markdown for content, USWDS for components, and GitHub Pages for hosting. All free and open-source.

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🤩 What people are saying

  • Ashley B, Project Manager

    “We used our new prototyping skills to wow the client with the possibilities of what could be another awesome addition to the site.”

  • Davey O, Developer

    “Still amazed at the job the design team was able to do in such a little amount of time!”

  • Jeff F, Development Lead

    “This actually brought a fun solution I will try to build on in my free time.”

Start prototyping Check out the docs

🏗 How it works

This repository template provides everything you need to get started with rapid web prototyping. These are the high-level steps:

  1. Create content and link it together with GitHub-flavored Markdown.
  2. Add USWDS components to your pages with a line or two of text.
  3. Go live with GitHub Pages and get feedback.

🕺 Get down with Markdown and go content-first

The most important thing people interact with on your page is the content. This is why they’re there — either to get information or get something done. So let go of lorem ipsum and start testing your content first. Markdown makes it easy to format your text without messy HTML tags.

Hotspot-based prototype tools are nice, but there’s nothing like interacting with a real website on a real device for seeing how users actually respond to your hypothesis. And as easy as it is to build in the browser, you’ll spend less time futzing around in Figma and more time validating your ideas.

♼ Stop annotating and start iterating.

Working with an accessibility-aware, mobile-friendly design system allows you to focus more on collaboration with developers and less on communicating design details. The U.S. Web Design System includes a robust set of well-documented components that work out of the box. Even if you’re already using a design system, this approach covers the basics so you can concentrate on what makes your design unique.

Start prototyping Check out the docs

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